Five weeks ago I started an Oprah Lifeclass with Brene Brown titled The Gifts of Imperfection based on the book of the same title. It has been an extraordinary journey and one that has truly opened my eyes. Along with the readings we do lessons and a journal using multi-media crafts.

To be able to say ‘YES I am imperfect, but that is okay,’ has been truly freeing. To realize that I am me and accept me that way I am and not as you expect me to be is so liberating. One of our assignments has been to cultivate self-compassion by letting go of our imperfections.

Here are two of my journal pages for that day.

Gifts of Imperfection Journal

Gifts of Imperfection Journal


This has been a truly spiritual journey. I leave you with words from Dr. Kristen Neff “self-compassion has three elements: srelf kindness, common humanity and mindfulness.”