I have been in North Carolina for 15 years, moving here from NY. North Carolinians are use to hurricanes, it is part of our history. We batten down the hatches, empty out the grocery stores and hunker down. Those on the coast do the same, except some will evacuate. When I hear hurricane I never think about the northeast. I know it happens, but it is very rare. Usually New Yorkers worry about nor’easters and spring thaw, not hurricanes. Especially where I come from, the mountains of NY. I lived on L.I. for almost 15 years and then we moved to Delaware County, located in the Catskill Park area. Snowstorms, YES! Floods, YES! but to the extent they suffered this weekend from Hurricane Irene, UNFATHOMABLE!

Unfortunately you do not hear a lot about it. Occasionally a picture is shown on CNN, TWC, MSNBC, etc., but the focus is mostly on Vermont. Not that I am begrudging Vermont for the coverage; however, upstate NY needs to be focused on also. Townspeople, government officials and emergency responders are working feverishly to get roads passable. Emergency supplies are slowly getting in, but getting in they are.

Cash donations can be made to the MARK Project, their phone number is 845.586.3500.

Today there is a radio-a-thon, “Disaster Relief for Delaware County,” which started at 7:00 a.m. You can call 1.888.432.1030 go make a donation.

Miller Drug Store can fill prescription that people had at the now demolished CVS.

Now let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Video by Jacob Hubbell.

Margaretville NY Hurricane Irene Flood

Margaretville NY Bridge St.

Unfortunately I do not know who to give credit to for this photo, but I do believe James Baker. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.

Video was taken by Fred Marguiles.

This video was taken by VeccVideography.

It is the town I grew up, the town my parents owned a business in. It shows many people I grew up with, and many people I remember as babies. I took refuge in the Northland Motel with a friend back in 1976, when we had an awful snowstorm and our end of town had no electric. This folks was my reality check.

Cathy von Hassel-Davies