Hometown Disaster


I have been in North Carolina for 15 years, moving here from NY. North Carolinians are use to hurricanes, it is part of our history. We batten down the hatches, empty out the grocery stores and hunker down. Those on the coast do the same, except some will evacuate. When I hear hurricane I never think about the northeast. I know it happens, but it is very rare. Usually New Yorkers worry about nor’easters and spring thaw, not hurricanes. Especially where I come from, the mountains of NY. I lived on L.I. for almost 15 years and then we moved to Delaware County, located in the Catskill Park area. Snowstorms, YES! Floods, YES! but to the extent they suffered this weekend from Hurricane Irene, UNFATHOMABLE!

Unfortunately you do not hear a lot about it. Occasionally a picture is shown on CNN, TWC, MSNBC, etc., but the focus is mostly on Vermont. Not that I am begrudging Vermont for the coverage; however, upstate NY needs to be focused on also. Townspeople, government officials and emergency responders are working feverishly to get roads passable. Emergency supplies are slowly getting in, but getting in they are.

Cash donations can be made to the MARK Project, their phone number is 845.586.3500.

Today there is a radio-a-thon, “Disaster Relief for Delaware County,” which started at 7:00 a.m. You can call 1.888.432.1030 go make a donation.

Miller Drug Store can fill prescription that people had at the now demolished CVS.

Now let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Video by Jacob Hubbell.

Margaretville NY Hurricane Irene Flood

Margaretville NY Bridge St.

Unfortunately I do not know who to give credit to for this photo, but I do believe James Baker. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.

Video was taken by Fred Marguiles.

This video was taken by VeccVideography.

It is the town I grew up, the town my parents owned a business in. It shows many people I grew up with, and many people I remember as babies. I took refuge in the Northland Motel with a friend back in 1976, when we had an awful snowstorm and our end of town had no electric. This folks was my reality check.

Cathy von Hassel-Davies


Third Writers’ Platform-building Campaign


I am joining Rachael Harrie‘s campaign and looking forward to it. I am doing a few things to get my mojo ready for November’s NaNoWriMo and Rachael’s site is one, besides NaNoWriMo Camp.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and getting my creative juices flowing, as a novel has been percolating in my mind for a very long time. If you are a writer and want to join please do, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

I also joined Sparkfest, but I was a little late to participate in her writing prompts. I enjoyed one of the things to write about so I will share my post.

I remember all the way back to first grade and how I loved reading. I was late to learning my ABC’s, as my kindergarten didn’t teach it. However, the new school had taught their kindergarteners, so I needed tutoring by my new 15 year-old neighbor. I must have taken right off because I remember our lessons didn’t last long and I was reading. When I was around 8 I discovered I wanted to be a writer. My aunt and uncle took me on a trip from NY to Washington D.C., sometimes I truly think I am there daughter, that is how close we were. We rode a big black train and another new passion was born, I fell in love with trains. It was in the D.C. train station that my Uncle Henry bought me the paperback book, Heidi by Johanna Spyri. I am still unsure what thrilled me more, the sights and sounds of D.C. or the book, but I related to the book. I was born in Germany and my grandparents had a farm, so it was very easy to place myself into the story. I remember doing that for as far back as my memories take me, I always got inside the story, whether it was Dick or Jane and their dog Spot, or the craziness of the short stories in Children’s Highlight. I knew when I was 8, that if someone can write a story about a girl living in the Swiss Alps that resonated with me, I could also.

Then my lovely sixth grade teacher (I truly wish I can remember her name but it just alludes me) had us read books and write to the authors. I received many wonderful responses, but unfortunately with two brothers, a sister, and numerous moves, those letters were lost, but I still treasure them.

I would have to say Flannery O’Conner has been one of the few authors that have inspired me. There is something in her short stories that draw me in and I feel as if I am in the plot; I feel their feelings, and can get inside their heads to see what their turmoils are. The Bobbsie Twins by Laura Lee Hope and the Cherry Ames series by Helen West, sparked my imagination and made me a devote fan of their series and serial publications.

During my time I have been hired to write copy for ads, grants, and scathing responses to newspaper articles and government officials. I have been told I have a knack for getting the truth across in a sarcastic manner that makes people take notice without getting mad. Currently I am a freelance journalist that covers politics for a local county paper, but I also get the pleasure of writing feature stories. I have meet some fascinating people through this.

I guess what I am trying to say, if it is in you, a story, a picture, a pattern, whatever, just go ahead and do it. Get yourself organized and prepared and go for it. You will never know the outcome if you don’t, you will just be left to wonder the ‘what if.’

Cathy von Hassel-Davies

Magnitude 5.8 – VIRGINIA

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Magnitude 5.8 – VIRGINIA.

That is right the east coast just had an earthquake. I was sitting in my home office located in Saxapahaw NC (near Chapel Hill) when my room started to shake, my desk was shaking and my heart was pounding.

It felt as if there was an unbalanced washing machine running, but I knew I hadn’t started any laundry before heading into my office.

I immediately went to the USGS site and looked up earthquakes. I get reminders because of my family in California, I have it set though to higher magnitudes and wasn’t sure if this one complied. I just heard it was upgraded to a 6.0. There it was listed.



Subjekt Herphones Review

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I am kind of wary about buying headphones, as I have a problem finding ones that fit my ears. Upon receiving a Tanga Deals email selling Subjeckt’s Herphones Petite Earphones, I decided to give them a try. Heck my only expense was less than $5.00 shipping.

Herphones in Red

Subject Herphones

I have purchased many earphones, wireless and plug-ins, some not so cheap, only to have then hurt my ears. Most hurt so much that I end up putting them away in a basket, never to use again. However, I do pass them on to people who say they need a set. So when this offers came along, for only the cost of shipping, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give another set a try.

When I arrived home from California they were waiting for me, only four days after ordering, so pretty fast shipping from Tanga. I put them in and immediately noticed a difference, right away they felt very comfortable. I did keep them on for a few hours just to see if my ears would eventually hurt, but no, they felt fine after four hours of wear.

Red Herphones

Red Herphones

Herphones come in many colors; orange, black, green, red and blue and can be purchased anywhere. The Herphones are made with a lightweight aluminum casing and crafted for a perfect female fit. The ear tips are made of a soft silicon.

Herphone silicon tips

Herphone Extra Silicon Tips

Product specification:
Driver Unit: 8mm
Sensitivity: 96dB/1mW
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

I mainly use them for audio files and rarely music. I like the tone and pitch of the set and do not have any complaints as to audio quality. The little bit of music listened to was great but not Bose quality.

I would strongly recommend these for anyone, not just women, who have problems with earphones hurting.