I will be honest I have very mixed feelings about Husni Mubarak stepping down. I am not fanatical like Glenn Beck and believe this will be the demise of Europe and the United States of America as we know it. My thought at first was great, democracy at work and everyone doing it peacefully. I was happy to see that we, the US, did not interfere and impose our ways on the Middle East. We have done enough of that, we have installed leaders that we taught, or not even leaders, but we have taught others, who in turn went back to the M.E. only to turn on us, such as Osama bin Laden. We have a history with the M.E. that is not good, there is a reason why many of the people and/or extremists do not like us.
        I feel that if they can have elections and they (the people) chose who they want in power, that is great. Even if it means the Muslim Brotherhood, they choose. Who are we, as in the US, or anybody for that matter, to tell them that they cannot have Muslim as their political party? Yes, I know it is a different way then democracy, it would be a theocracy. But didn’t they choose it? Isn’t it what they wanted? The people are the ones deciding. As long as it stays that way, to me that is the important thing.
        Now for that underlying gut feeling. It tells me ‘WAIT, Muslim Brotherhood in power, Muslim/Theocracy, running a country, that could be very dangerous for us and others.’ What others you might ask, Jews and the Israeli nation. No one seems to be talking about that aspect. I would not like to see a war waged against Israel in the name of Allah or anyone. I hope and pray that the Israeli Peace Treaty of 1979 stays in affect and does not come crumbling down.
        Also if the Muslim Brotherhood is as extreme and as fanatical as others report, and willing to wage a jihad against anyone that is not a Muslim, that concerns me. Why? because they are in other countries, and I fear an uprising. Not to say I believe anything could come of it in a country such as ours, but at what cost? How many lives would/could be lost before it is quelled? Not only are they (Muslim Brother) in other countries but there are non-Muslims living in the Middle East, what would happen to them? I guess it is the what ifs that worry me.
        However, Glenn Beck, in my opinion, goes over the deep edge. Aligning everything that is happening with our President Obama and making correlations to the youths in the Egyptian uprising as communists and socialists with the youth Obama speaks to here in the US. In Glenn Beck’s show of 2/10/2011. Beck shows a video of Obama with this excerpt; ‘transformation that is taking place because the people of Egypt calling for change. They turned out in extraordinary numbers representing all ages and all walks of life. But it is young people who have been in the forefront, a new generation, your generation who want their voice to be heard” (He was speaking at the University of Michigan). However, Beck left off “and so going forward, we want those young people and we want all Egyptians to know American will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in Egypt.” Instead he chooses to make a connection between Obama’s presidential campaign and his slogan calling for change and Islam, communists and socialists uprising. As if they are in cahoots with each other and he is leading or part of it.
        Glenn Beck also says that some are calling this a 1776 moment. He goes on to say ‘No we are having a July 14, 1789, which ended with guillotines in France. Both revolutions, isn’t it great? Both revolutions calling for freedom.’ He screams, ‘NO! one ended in blood shed with guillotines.’ Ummm, Glenn a 1776 moments was in the midst of the Revolutionary War here, in this country. Glenn last I looked that war was also bloody, it might not have had guillotines but it was bloody. I think Mr. Beck needs to make a trip to the library and pull out some books and read up on our history.
        Others things I noticed while watching Beck’s show today (it was recorded and from the Internet so it was actually yesterday’s show) was when he had KT McFarland on, a national security expert, and tried to get her to denounce Omar Suliman, the VP of Egypt. This was before Mubarak had stepped down. He kept trying to get McFarland to say that Suliman was a ‘bad guy’ and not an ally of the US but it wasn’t working and she did not bite. He also showed an image of Tahrir Square saying it was chaos. I don’t know if wears different glasses or his eyes see differently then everyone else, but the last thing I would call that Square would be chaotic. When he had Lt. Gen. Boyken on and talking about Iran’s revolution while they were showing images I noticed a predominately large amount of firearms carried by the people, in Egypt I have not seen a single firearm in the hands of the people. Rocks – yes, guns – no.
        Beck is right about one thing though “the world is heading to a different place.”

I do need to add, how can we trust a person to give us information when they can’t even get things straight. During Beck’s show of 2/09/2011 he supposedely showed a picture of Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi (who is a scary person if the clips and translations I have seen of him are true). Instead the picture Glenn Beck held up was of His Eminence Sheikh Al Azhar Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the Grand Sheikh of the Al Azhar University and Grand Imam of al Azhar Mosque. The differences between these two and their relations to the Muslim Brotherhood is fodder for another post.

Cathy von Hassel-Davies