Today was the first day of a 28 day cleanse and detox put on by Whole Living at I am a bit disappointed as I expected a daily menu and it seems that is not part of the deal. However, someone posted the link to last year’s menu so I am starting with that. Unfortunately, last year’s plan was more restrictive, but I am sure with help of other members we all will figure it out. There seems to be a large group of people that would have appreciated step-by-step guidelines.

Yesterday Kris and I went grocery shopping with the list and I bought all organic fruits and vegetables, free range chickens, and wild salmon, and Striped Bass. This morning was a mango-avocado smoothie, lunch was stir-fry vegetables with buckwheat noodles and chicken. Tonight I will have leftover lunch and a chilled cucumber-mint soup. I have snacked on nuts, cranberries and oranges. I have only had one cup of decaf coffee, instead this morning I had rooibos tea and lots of water throughout the day.

I have felt pretty good throughout the day and managed to get a lot done. This year is the year of natural, less clutter and less things. For example I have a ton of tablecloths, why??? and a few were in my craft room to be fixed. I don’t use those particular ones, they aren’t heirlooms, so why waste my time and space. They went to Goodwill, maybe someone else will care for the lace tablecloths. Same for a lot of my clothes and Tanta Anne’s. Because of my Fibromyalgia I am finding that even clothes hurt my skin so I am switching over to cottons, bamboo, silks, and some wools for close to my skin. Anything polyester, rayon, acrylic, etc.m went to Goodwill.

I am starting to wind down now and my right arm really hurts along with my legs. I guess I will go sit by the fire watch the news and knit on my Pointelle socks. They are from Cookie A’s book, there is a KAL going on at Ravelry if you want to join in.