No not me, but this guy:

This guy is a riot all to himself. He says he has a masters in communication I would love to know from what school so I know to avoid it like the plague. **UPDATE** the University of Akron. In all seriousness though, this guy goes on screaming, he says he won’t apologize for his tone, he wants to use ‘this knowledge not only as a tool, but as a weapon,’ as he says this he makes the motion of pulling out a sword. He goes on to say if he wins this election he will be coming, “both barrels guns loaded,” he then goes on to say some sort of pledge while standing at attention.

I think his professor must have told him he liked the gestures in his speeches because he really is full of some comical ones. You really need to watch, his gestures are just as enthralling as his speech.

He did not get the nomination. WHEW there are some sane people out there. I tried to find out what made him so angry, did someone say something before he came up to give his speech? did he read something? I did find a report that he gave an interview where he explained that he was not angry. WOW you could have fooled me, well actually he did, didn’t he.

In his first interview since the video went viral, Davison told Need to Know that he was baffled by all the attention. He wasn’t especially angry when he gave the speech, and nothing in particular had set him off, he said. Afterward, he received a polite reception from the audience, and when he lost the nomination, Davison approached the winner, shook his hand and said “Good luck.” #PBS#